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If you're looking to take a same-day Taj Mahal tour by flight from Ahmedabad, it typically involves a quick round-trip to Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located.

Morning Flight:

You would typically catch an early morning flight from Ahmedabad to Agra.

Ahmedabad has an international airport (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport), so you might need to check if there are direct flights to Agra or if you'll need to connect through another airport like Delhi.
Arrival in Agra:

Upon arrival in Agra, you would be transported to the Taj Mahal.
Visit to the Taj Mahal:

Spend the morning and part of the afternoon exploring the Taj Mahal. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a magnificent white marble mausoleum and one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

After visiting the Taj Mahal, you might have lunch at a local restaurant.
Agra Fort:

Depending on the time available, you might also visit Agra Fort, another UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a glimpse into India's history.
Return Flight:

In the late afternoon or evening, you would catch a return flight to Ahmedabad.
Arrival in Ahmedabad:

Upon your return to Ahmedabad, your tour would conclude.
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